The Trouble With Following Your Passion

Here’s the thing no one ever tells you about your passion. It’s not always obvious. It’s not always right there IN YOUR FACE. It’s not always something you have loved since you were a little kid. And… You may not even be any good at it. Not yet, anyway. First, you have got to start practicing. I was 33 before … Read More

Befriend Your Resistance

::: GUEST POST by Tanya Marquardt • Published Mar 1, 2017 ::: Once I wrote an entire play just to avoid the play I was supposed to be writing. Let me explain. I had pitched a play idea to a company, gotten a commission, outlined a first draft, and because I was in my early twenties with no responsibilities and … Read More

Firewalking Is Like Writing A Book

Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, I took myself firewalking. Something about it being on Valentine’s Day made it seem like the most appropriate and perfect way to spend the evening. And I was interested in establishing a new love for myself rather than always fulfilling my love needs through a man. I was also recovering from a devastating breakup, … Read More

Your Time is Yours

It’s ironic that I’m scheduled to write this blog post this week of all weeks. I am launching a new product; I’m competing in an all-day PitchFest, and; I’m headed out of town for a three-day professional development seminar. It is my busiest time of year, with the New Year spawning all sorts of resolutions from clients new and old to … Read More

See Yourself Writing A Book

You’re scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook when you see a friend’s post. She has just published a book. Damnit! What a great title! Why didn’t I think of that title? You have mixed emotions. You’re happy for her, but a little sad and a little scared. You’re pretty impressed–man, how did she get that out SO FAST?–and yet you have the strange … Read More