If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, you’ve probably also heard of vision boards or treasure maps. I like to call them inspiration boards.

The idea is that by surrounding yourself with images of who you want to be, what you want to have, and where you want to live or visit, your life changes to match those images and desires. Gearing an inspiration board towards your book specifically will have the same result.

Inspiration Boards are simple and fun. You can use an online tool like Pinterest or go old school by cutting/pasting images from various magazines to collage onto a poster board. A few hours spent doing this at the start of (or the re-start of!) writing your book or other writing project is time well spent.

Here are some ideas to include on your inspiration board:
• Setting
• Characters
• Who your readership will be
• The message you are trying to convey
• The tone or feeling you want your book to evoke
• Your vision for the final product
• How much money you want to make on your book or project
• Where you see it being published

When you’re done, slap it right up next to your workspace. According to the Law of Attraction, clearly stating what you want will help you attract it. Vision boards add clarity to your desires and feelings. Once you can SEE where your book or writing project is heading, it will help you stay motivated to keep taking steps to get there.

When you’re finished, share a photo or screenshot of YOUR inspiration board with our writing community and inspire others with your amazing creativity!

To your success,