For our second installment of The Fear Series, we’re tackling another doozy. The fear of having nothing of value to say. This fear has underpinnings in self-worth, so if you haven’t read Fear Part 1, it’s worth a review.

Having something valuable to say is not about being the smartest person in the room, being liked, or impressing anyone. Those are ego-based desires, and while they seem important, they only skim the surface of something much more essential and universal.

The desire to say something of value is linked to a deep, human need to make a meaningful contribution.

We all want to contribute. We all want to serve.

But the fear of having nothing to say reflects a fear of having nothing of value to offer. So, let’s break this down. No one on Planet Earth is like you, my friend.

You are a one-of-a-kind entity. No one has your singular combination of lived experience, passions, and perspective, so no one can offer the unique viewpoint you can. Your life has been a journey of experiences and lessons that no one else has been through. You had a series of teachers (parents, mentors, guides) who offered you wisdom that no one else received. You filter life through a lens that is yours and yours alone. 

Sure, you might have been influenced by folks like Oprah or Einstein or Jesus–people who have impacted and influenced many–but your take on the teachings, your one-and-only way of processing is unlike anyone else’s.

You have a unique story, a particular message, a You way of showing up in the world. And the world needs your contribution. Just think, if any of the great artists, scientists, and thinkers hadn’t shared their work because they thought they had nothing to contribute, the world would be a lesser place.

Your offering is no less valuable.

You have something unique and uniquely necessary. If you keep your story, your message, and your perspective to yourself–if you hide your light under a bushel–the world will be poorer for it.

Everyone wants to contribute. Everyone has something of value to offer. So the question isn’t whether you have something worth saying. The question is: what will you say and to whom?

How did you overcome the fear of having nothing valuable to offer? Share your experience in the comments below.

Happy writing,