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IDEA GENERATOR: What Should You Write About?

Are you feeling the push to write your book but have absolutely ZERO clue what to even write about? This free guide will walk you through the steps I use with my clients to help them find exactly the topic to focus on.

It will help you:

  • Get clear on what you know and are most passionate about
  • Broaden your list of ideas beyond the one you "think" you should focus on
  • Take the first step to writing your book

    It's time to finally get started and get that book that's been hiding inside you out into the world! This simple guide will help you get unstuck and moving forward!

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    About Karen

    Ghostwriter, collaborative author and #1 International Bestselling Author, Karen Rowe is the owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full-service writing firm. She is an expert in nonfiction and can help you position yourself as a Leading Authority in your niche. Karen works with speakers, trainers and business professionals to ensure their books get written, printed and published. Her clients include an actor, a retired FBI Agent, professional athletes, entrepreneurs with online empires and some of the top self-help leaders in the industry. Her mission is to help you find your voice and uncover your own unique and powerful story to create an instant connection with your marketplace.

    She is the author of For the Love of Chocolate and For the Love of Coffee—both critical components that have kept her going through long writing sessions—and is co-author of the i#1 International best-selling book Mass Influence: the Habits of the Highly Influential and most recently Behind the Cover: A Ghostwriter’s Guide to Authoring Your Own Business Book.