I am the one who can get you from “wouldn’t it be nice” to “shut up and write.”

Through my proven system, called Book at the Beach, I pull out the most compelling and relevant content. And Book at the Beach is exactly how it sounds - me and the client in a hotel room at the beach for three full days.

I force them to sit down and focus on their book and nothing else for three entire days. More importantly while the future author is working, his family gets to enjoy the wonders of Florida beaches. Every break, every meal, every evening, he is free to go to the pool, kiss his kids, tuck them in at night and have dinner with his wife. And his book gets written without him having to sacrifice his family time.

The reason I love this method versus traditional book coaching, which can take up to three years is ... because it's quicker. I'm a no bullshit chick and I work with no bullshit people. Because I have always been extremely goal oriented, I do not get a high from the process. And neither do my clients. I get juice out of producing a result they couldn't get without me.

My passion is to capture genius on page. I love getting a story out of the client’s head and into the reader’s hands where it belongs.

No one can read the book that never got written.

My clients walk away feeling immense relief knowing their book is in good hands.